Calle Historiador Claudio Sánchez Albornoz, Valencia - Room #1


400 / month

Room summary

Large two-bed room, with all the necessary bedding included. The room has two minimalist desks, one of them with a drawer, in which you will be able to store all your notes and personal items in an orderly way.
It has two different sized table lamps, to provide light at all times. There is also a TV, where you can watch your favourite movies and shows whenever you want. The heater in the room will provide you all the heat you need at any moment.
The large wardrobe will allow you to organize your clothes perfectly, and you will never have to worry about not having enough space. Furthermore, you will be able to try on all of your outfits every day before leaving in the shiny mirrors on the wardrobe’s doors.

Apartment summary

Large and spacious apartment with five rooms. Its location presents a variety of offers in restaurants and leisure. Due to their proximity to the apartment, some of the venues that stand out are: two pubs, a Japanese restaurant, an escape room and a gas station.
Given that the different universities in Valencia can be found at a short distance by car, the convenience of having a gas station near the apartment, added to the wide variety of restaurants and leisure options available, make this apartment a very appreciable choice to consider when looking for an apartment to study in Valencia.
It is a perfect choice for students looking to share an apartment with various people, because it has everything needed to accomplish that goal: basic furniture (chairs, desks, wardrobes), heating, windows with exterior views and Internet/Wifi connection.

Property type
Age limit
Min 18 years, Max 30 years
Not included
Allowed genders

Room amenities

Exterior views
Private bathroom
Internet / Wifi

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