Terms and Conditions


Through this document, we inform our clients of the terms and conditions of operation of MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. The contracting conditions of our services will be defined in a contract document that will be signed by our clients (owners and tenants), which will expand in detail any of the points presented here. Wherever there is controversy, the signed contractual conditions will prevail. It is for this reason that this document focuses on explaining the conditions and procedure for contracting the service.

1.- Contracting Procedure

This document will be public so that the client can easily access this information.

The contracting procedure is considered to begin at the same moment the client contacts MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. through the telephone, email, or our internet portal, applying the privacy policy from that moment.

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. considers clients both the landlords (owners, managers) and the tenants (individual and collective customers) and, therefore, both will be treated at different times in their relationship with MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L.

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. makes available to its clients a database with extensive information and a photographic report aimed at helping the tenant and client to find the most suitable accommodation. All information offered (descriptions, photos, features, services and availability) belong to MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. , and is made available to customers only for evaluation.

The rental prices of the apartments on the website of MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. are indicative, they may vary depending on the time of year or the conditions of the application and contract. The price offered during the negotiation period expires in 24h. They cannot change only if the reservation payment has been made and the conditions on which the offer was based do not change.

1.1.- Reservation Procedure

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. establishes a different reservation method depending on the type of rental that the client seeks and will be informed by our agents before making any payment.

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. establishes the payment for a reservation. This deposit must be completed to receive confirmation that the apartment is booked. The amount for the reservation can be different for each floor and period.

As a guide, we can say that the deposit for short stays will normally be 50% of the total, and for apartments rented for months with an annual duration will be at least one monthly payment.

The prices established on the website are valid except for typographical errors.

1.2.- Payment and Collection Methods

To pay online, MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. uses the procedures of secure collection by credit card and bank transfer, being that the responsibility of all associated financial expenses are the responsibility of the client.

1.3.- Reception of documentation and the rest of the rent

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. will send the client the contractual documentation and the summary of accounts that must be satisfied upon entry and during the term of the contract. MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. will maintain communication by email.

Payments for the reservation, entry, and periodic payments will be made to MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. directly. 

1.4.- Exchange policy

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. cannot guarantee the availability of an apartment due to the request of change of dates by the client.

If the request was made for any reason that prevented your trip to Madrid, and after justifying it, MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. is committed to find an alternative for the recovery or use of money in our services.

1.5.- Policy for cancelation and / or no show

The amount of the reservation will be refundable in case of cancellation more than two months in advance, with prior confirmation of the property.
*The service fee is never returned.

The return period will be 10 working days after cancellation, depends on the financial institution.
If the customer's data is not correct, we are not responsible for not receiving the return.
The amount of the reservation will not be refundable in case of cancellation in the period of one month or less before your arrival.

1.6.- People hosted

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. , depending on the type of contract, will offer different prices for each person housed in the apartment, giving authorization only to the number of people contracted to stay overnight in the apartment.

If there is are additional needs, the client is obliged to inform MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. of the increase in the number of people.


2.1.- Types of contracts

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. offers its clients different types of rentals depending on the requirements of the tenant, lessor, terms, and applicable legislation for each case:

  1. Housing contract that is regulated by articles 1542 and following of the Civil Code of Spain; Real estate leases are also regulated by specific regulations: the Urban Leases Law LAU and the Rustic Leases Law (49/2003) LAR. Several articles of the Urban Leasing Law have been modified with the Law 4/2013 on Measures of Flexibility and Promotion of the Housing Rental Market, 4 published in the BOE on June 5, 2013.
  2. Seasonal contract when you have a different primary destination to satisfy the permanent need for housing of the tenant. It will be governed, by the will of the parties, in its absence, by the provisions of Title III LAU 1994 and, additionally, by the provisions of the Civil Code (articles 1, 2.1, 3 and 4.3 LAU). In any case, and in accordance with the provisions of art. 4.1 LAU, the common provisions contained in Title IV (bail and formalization of the lease) and Title V (tenancy processes) of the LAU will be of imperative application.

3.2.- Invoices

  • If the contract is made between tenant and owner, it is exempt from VAT.
  • In some cases, universities ask for an invoice and in this case VAT is charged.
  • Our agency services always carry VAT
  • Contracts issue between MadridEAsy and a particular tenant are VAT exempted when the contract lasts more than 180 days since the rented property is considered as habitual residence.

3.3.- Responsibilities

Neither MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. nor the owners of the apartments will be responsible for any damage that may occur during the stay in the apartment, including but not limited to personal injury, death, or loss, whether due to fire, theft or flood or by acting irresponsibility on part of the client, the unauthorized access of a person to the apartment or by the incorrect use of the elements included in the accommodation.

In case you have a confirmed reservation and MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. can not accommodate you in the apartment of your choice, it is the responsibility of MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. to providing you with accommodation in a flat with similar characteristics or with full reimbursement of the amounts paid.

MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. strives to accurately describe our flats. If a dispute arises regarding the description of the apartment, it is the responsibility of MadridEasy Gestion de Alquiler S.L. to reimburse the amounts paid, minus the cost of the overnight stays, if the client decides not to stay in the apartment.

3.4.- Conflict Resolution

For any dispute about our services, the Spanish legislation will be applied, from the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, or the Court of Arbitration of Madrid (Law 60/2003, of December 23, of Arbitration (BOE nº 309/12/2003) ).

4.- Behavior Rules

Our flats are located in residential buildings. We demand that our guests behave appropriately. Do not make too much noise or play music too loud. If the neighbors complain or if they have to call the police, the apartment must be vacated without the right to compensation or refund of the amounts paid for breach of contract. Remember that NO annoying or unhealthy activities, parties or pets are allowed without express authorization.

We take care of our flats, they are cleaned before your arrival and after your departure. However, if the flat is too dirty, we reserve the right to subtract from the Deposit / Deposit the amount necessary to cover the additional cleaning cost.

In some cases, usually month-long contracts, we include a mandatory fee to cover the final cleaning of the flat or room to leave it ready for the next tenant.

Rules for Peaceful Cohabitation

  1. Respect: tenants at all times must respect the rules and laws regarding noise levels. Loud noise cannot be made between 23.00 pm and 7:00 am. During this time, you must be careful with the volume of television, music, talking...
  2. Visits: In shared flats relatives or friends of tenants cannotstay overnight at the residence/apartment.
  3. Parties and Gatherings: expressly prohibits parties performing within the housing.
  4. Tobacco and Alcohol: Smoking inside the building is not allowed, alcohol abuse is also not allowed.
  5. Other substances: The use and possession of drugs within the property is strictly prohibited. Breach of this rule will mean immediate expulsion from the property.
  6. Pets: Any kind of pet in the accommodation is not allowed.
  7. Maintenance: Tenants are responsible for properly maintaining the accommodation, respect the decoration of the house and, unless authorized by the owner, cannot introduce any other furnishings in the property. Nor can any other objects or motorized vehicles be sorted in the common areas of property. If any objects or motorized vehicles are found in these areas they may be withdrawn from the property without notice & can be deposited in waste containers.
  8. No nailing, hammering or pasting of objects is allowed to be placed on walls, doors, fridges common areas, for this purpose there is pin up board. In the rooms you may add objects with materials that leave no marks or residue.
  9. Cleaning: The tenant agrees to take care of the accommodation with due diligence and keep it clean, in cases where a cleaning service is included the tenant must know that this is only to help keep the house in good condition. The housekeeping staffs do not: DO LAUNDRY, WASH DIRTY DISHES NOR DISPOSE OF THE GARBAGE. In the event that tenants, with our without a cleaning service do not keep the property clean, MadridEasy or the property owner may establish additional cleaning hours and the cost will be borne by the lessee. In the case of contracts per room, a discount of € 75 is established for the concept of cleaning at the end of the contract and in contracts for a compleate apartments, a discount of € 150 is established for the concept of cleaning at the end of the contract.