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Become a Host family

Hosting international students in your home can be a very interesting and culturally enriching experience. This would give you an opportunity to share your culture with a student as well as to deepen your knowledge about the student’s country and culture.

On a basic level, the Host Family provides food and accommodations as well as sharing their everyday activities with a student. If you prefer, you can offer other services such as meeting your guest upon arrival, helping with laundry, language lessons and other leisure activities.

Reasons to become a host family

  • Discover another culture
  • Be part of a life-changing experience for an international student
  • Monthly income
  • Create life lasting friendships

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General duties

  • Provide a furnished private room with a bed, desk, closet, window, sufficient heating and lighting to each student you host.
  • Provide meals.
  • Support and make the student feel like a part of your family by having the same privileges and obligations.
  • Ensure the student knows how to contact family members, friends, and other support networks.
  • In case of an emergency, have access to a copy of the student's passport and insurance card.
  • Encourage involvement in community life by introducing the student to neighbors, friends, and local groups.
  • Teach the student about the local culture while also learning about the student's culture.
  • Spend time with your home stay student(s) giving them the opportunity for conversation.
  • Give warmth and hospitality to the student(s).
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and Spanish speaking environment.

Requirements of becoming a host family:

You have to provide a secure, clean, safe and welcoming environment to the international student.

How to become a host family for an international student?

  • Contact Booking For Students and send all information about the property where you would like to host the student(s) such as availability, number of rooms, bathrooms, floor, amenities, price(s), minimum stay and photos of the property.
  • Send the information about: who is living in the apartment, if there are any animals. If yes, what kind of animal and how many.
  • Provide us your available accommodation.
    Options include
    • Full board: 3 meals/day
    • Half board: 2 meals/day
    • Only accommodation: No meals included. The student is only responsible to pay for the room provided.
  • If you are going to serve food, provide information whether you are able to accommodate to dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, allergies, etc.) to meet the tenant’s needs.
  • Provide household rules.

Host Family FAQ

How to prepare to host a student?

Before the exchange, learn as much as you can about the student’s culture to help avoid misunderstandings. Think about how you are going to introduce your culture to the student. Contact the student and his or her family and tell them about your family. E-mail some tips to the student regarding weather, useful clothing options and what things he or she should bring.

What if the student doesn’t speak my language well?

Speak slowly, avoid using idioms, and be patient. Make sure that the student understands the important information such as household rules, school issues, and transportation options. Do not hesitate to ask the student to repeat information back to you and encourage the student to ask for clarification.

How can I help the student adapt to my country?

You might encounter some cultural differences. Be open-minded. It is important to communicate clearly with your exchange student about any cultural misunderstandings. Try to treat the student as a member of your family rather than as a guest.

What challenges might the student experience during the exchange?

Students might feel homesickness, language difficulty, challenges making new friends, different rules and expectations from their home, and various emotional difficulties.

How to help?

Help the student find activities to become involved, offer or help to arrange for additional language assistance, talk with the student and try to clarify all his/her concerns and issues.

Do exchange students have responsibilities?

Exchange students are expected to adapt to the host families lifestyle, ground rules and to participate in family activities if possible.

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