The main requirement is that you must have the legal rights to manage the apartment: Be the legal owner of the property or if you do not own the property you want to rent, you must have the legal right to sublet it.


The deposit is a deposit that the tenant delivers to the landlord to guarantee the conditions agreed in the lease. It is compulsory and free for the landlord.

The return of the deposit, by the landlord, must be made within a month from the termination of the lease and delivery of the keys. Landlords are obliged to deposit the deposit with the Social Housing Agency of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Tax deductions:

Homeowners can deduct various expenses related to the home for tax purposes. These include: community expenses, administration expenses, spills, mortgage interest, interest and expenses for furniture and household appliances in installments, property taxes and fees, repair expenses (painting, installations, etc. .), home insurance and guarantee for the collection of rents, amortization of the property, and the expenses incurred by the formalization of the lease.

Yes. You have any special requirements for the search and selection of tenants, we kindly ask you to send your comments along with all the information about the property.

The one established by the property. Taking into account the temporary nature, the first cause of termination will be due to the expiration of the fixed period **. Next, we transcribe the provisions that regulate it:

** In accordance with article 1565 of the Civil Code, if the lease has been made for a specified period, it ends on the preset day without the need for a requirement. This is the case in which the lease has been established for a specified period, or determinable without the need for a new agreement, consequently, when the same, the lease will terminate.

** Article 1254 of the Civil Code expressly states: The contract exists as long as one or more people agree to be bound, with respect to another or others, to give something or provide a service. Article 1258 of the same legal text reiterates: Contracts are concluded by mere consent, and since then they oblige, not only compliance with what is expressly agreed, but also all the consequences that, according to their nature, are in accordance with good faith. , to use and to the law.

Inform us. Whenever you have chosen to contract with us the option of management and marketing of your accommodation, Booking For Students will help you to communicate with your tenants and will try to find a solution in those cases in which you are not satisfied with their behavior in the property. Our team will try to find a solution that leaves the parties happy.

Host Family FAQ

Before the exchange, learn all you can about the student's culture, this will help you avoid misunderstandings. Think about how you are going to teach your culture to the student. Get in touch with the student and their family members and tell them about your family. Email the student with some tips regarding the weather, clothing, and things to bring.

Speak slowly, avoid using idioms, and be patient. Make sure the student understands important information, such as house rules, school matters, and transportation options. Feel free to ask the student to repeat information they do not understand and encourage them to ask for clarification.

Request the form and send it duly completed to us at the following email address: propietarios@madrideasy.com

Attach to the form all pertinent information about the property in which you wish to host the students: availability, number of rooms, bathrooms, services included and additional services, prices, minimum stay and photos of the property. In the case in which you have to make several shipments due to space / weight of the files, we ask you to clearly specify your name so that we can attach this information to your file.

If necessary, provide us by that same means, propietarios@madrideasy.com, with the specific coexistence rules of your home.

The basic requirements to be a host family are:

  • Provide a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for the student.
  • Speak fluently Spanish in the family environment, this being the first language spoken in the family environment.