Rules & Guidelines


  • Search: Find the right place by using our reservation service. You can locate the search bar on the main page and check the different types of properties available: room, apartment, residence or Host Family.
  • Book it: Once you find your accommodation, complete all the necessary information and click on "Book now" to continue with the reservation process.
  • Arrival: Send us information regarding the details of your arrival. One of our team members will give you the keys to your new home, show you around, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Sign: Once you have met with a member of the Booking For Students team, he or she will give you papers that you will have to sign.
  • Conduct:  You are going to stay in a rental house, and, therefore, it must be treated with respect. We hope the property at the end of your stay will be in the same condition in which you found it. It is important to keep in mind that unless you decide to rent an entire property (on your own or with friends), you will be living with other people, so there should always be a level of respect between roommates, this includes: sharing a part of the responsibilities, for example: cleaning, hours of sleep, hours of study / work, hygiene, etc., as well as equal rights in common areas, appliances and supplies.

House rules

  • Respect: The tenants will respect the rules and laws regarding noise at all times and can not make any noise between 11.00 and 7.00. During these hours you should consider the volume of television, music, talks
  • Visitors: Visitors, such as family and friends are not allowed to stay overnight in your accommodation
  • Parties and meetings: Parties are strictly prohibited within the accommodation
  • Tobacco and alcohol: Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings, nor is the abusive use of alcohol
  • Other substances: Consumption or possession of drugs within the accommodation is not allowed.ANY VIOLATION OF THIS STANDARD LEADS TO THE DIRECT EXPULSION OF ACCOMMODATION
  • Pets: Pets of any kind are not allowed in the accommodation.
  • Maintenance: It is the responsibility of the tenants to keep good maintenance of the accommodations. Respect the decoration of the house and, unless authorized by the owner, do not move other furniture into the house. Trash or objects should not be kept in common areas, if it can be deposited in the urban waste containers do so.
  • It is not allowed to nail or hang objects in/on the walls, doors and fridges of the common zones. The bulletin board is used for that purpose. In the rooms you may adhere with materials that do not leave a mark.
  • Cleaning: The tenant agrees to take care of the accommodation with due diligence and keep it clean; In cases where the cleaning service is included, the tenant will take into account that this is to help keep the house in good condition. The cleaning service DOES NOT CARRY OUT LAUNDRY SERVICE, DOES NOT WASH THE DISHES OF THE TENANTS AND DOES NOT REMOVE THE GARBAGE. In the event that the tenants, even if they have a cleaning service, do not keep the Booking For Students / owner's house clean, they may establish more cleaning hours, the cost of which will be borne by the tenant.