Calle de la Puebla de Farnals, 55, Valencia - Room #3


355 / month

Room summary

This warm room, which is designed in a minimalist way, is the perfect option for any university student. The desk, which is built into the wall, comes with a comfortable chair, and on top of it is a reading lamp that will provide you with the best brightness to study.
Next to the desk is a bed that has a TV beside it, and from which you will be able to watch your favourite programs and shows while you take a break from studying or before going to sleep. In addition, the large wardrobe in the room will allow you to store all your clothes and try them on in the mirror.
The room also comes with a private bathroom, which will always be at your complete disposal.

Apartment summary

Spacious and modern apartment with three different bedrooms and bathrooms. The municipality in which it is located belongs to the Huerta Norte Region in Valencia.
You can find a theatre and a hair salon close by. Near the apartment are also different clinics, which are all within a short walking distance.
It is a perfect apartment if you are someone who likes to live with other people.
The apartment is located near the different universities of Valencia, so it is a good option if you are a student and want to study in one of these prestigious universities.
The apartment is fully equipped and furnished to offer the most comfort during your stay in the city of Valencia. The size of the kitchen will allow you to prepare your favourite dishes. The apartment comes with a TV, private bathrooms and a large living room where you will all be able to relax.

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Min 18 years, Max 30 years
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