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Register and share the details of your property: Type of property, number of rooms, description, photos, occupation and other important information.

Start renting your property

Booking For Students is in charge of finding tenants for your property. We also organize visits, keeping in constant contact with you and the tenants. If necessary, Booking For Students will manage payments for public service expenses.

Constantly in contact with Booking For Students

Keep us updated about your property. Is it still available? Any changes in the condition? Any doubts? We want to make sure that all parties are satisfied.

Benefits of working with Booking For Students

  • We find tenants for your property.
  • We manage check-in and check-outs.
  • We manage expenses.
  • Constant updates on the property and the tenants.
  • The rules and conditions are established by the owner.
  • Maintenance after the owner´s permission.
  • We make short and long-term contracts.

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